TOUR STARTS NOW!! - 3/19/12 -

Our fundraising event at Meddin Studios was a resounding success! Thank you everyone that supported us (and has always supported us!!). Today we leave for the great unknown! Jacksonville Florida is our first stop. Head over to the show area of the site to see our fully updated tour schedule and come see us!!

Thanks Charleston! - 2/15/12 -

We made our first trip to Charleston, South Carolina this weekend (as a band). We got to try out our new trailer, Latawnya the Naughty Horse! It would be a lie to say that things went without a hitch...

Regardless, we had a whole lot of fun! Thanks for everyone that came out and thanks for supporting GIRLS ROCK CHARLESTON, because we think GIRLS ROCK!

Also, please notice that there is a nice new PHOTO section. This section if for those of you who don't understand that the bio photo of us is actually from a video game. We actually are real people!



Thanks everyone that made it out to our Jinx show over the weekend, it was awesome!


Just wanted to make a quick little update, since there has been a lack of those recently. We will be taking a brief break from playing any shows over these winter months (though hopefully we'll have something for you in January) to focus on finishing up recent recordings. We have been also been working on some big plans... stay tuned! -duncan

NEW SHOWS! - 10/07/11 -

Check out where you can come see us in the coming months!

THANKS! - 9/26/11 -

The turn out at the past two shows was great! It's really nice to be playing shows for you guys and gals again (it's been a long summer of recording and getting our stuff together (welcome aboard Crystina Parker(our new bass player!)))!! We just wanted to take a quick moment and say thanks for the support. We're so excited that I've decided to update the website and add a nice little photo section soon(something that should have been here all along). Also we'll be announcing the release date of our EP as well as a few more shows that we've got coming up, so stay tuned!




Has made it to the Huffington post, terrorizing tourists. Check it out, it's pretty amusing!

RED HOT show cancelled, Party expected to rage on regardless!

Due to an unforseen (hopefully temporary) venue closure, the RED HOT release show has been cancelled. This means that the video will go up TODAY (a day earlier than anticipated). Don't worry, all tickets purchased in advance for the free show will be refunded. We also plan on journeying to downtown Savannah to celebrate the completion and release of our newest music video. So come find us, it's a small town and you'll know where to look!

RED HOT Release PARTY! JUNE 25th!!!

We apologize for any confusion regarding the release date of our second music video, RED HOT. Due to complications in post production, we've had to push the date back to JUNE 25th!

In hopes of easing the pain that we've inflicted on people for LYING to them, we've booked a FREE release show/party to celebrate the completion of the video! We will screen the video at the party and then put the video online on the following day, the 26th. What a nice summer treat! The party will be held at Tantra Lounge on JUNE 25th and once again is FREE of charge! Unfortunately for the minors, it will be a 21+ show, but fortunately for the rest of us, there WILL be BEER!

Also we'd like to thank all the cast and crew that came together to make RED HOT possible! It looks great and would never have happened without your hard work!

Summer Break = New EP!!

After Devin and Justin graduated from college we decided to celebrate and rest for a little bit. Instead we ended up with a rare and last minute one day opportunity to record with our friend PETER SEEBA at BRINGTHAT studios. So naturally we jumped on it and have successfully recorded all drum and guitar tracks for our upcoming EP, tenatively titled "North of the River." So far it sounds GREAT and we can't wait to share it with everyone! There is still much work to be done on it, so don't count on hearing it until atleast the end of the summer.

Mar 9th @ Blowin' Smoke Savannah Stopover

Mar 13th @ Meddin Studios



"Whistle The Dirges is the most satisfyingly complete album we've heard in a long, long time. It's discoveries like this that restores our faith in songwriting as an unpretentious art. 2011 just got very interesting indeed."
-The Waiting Room